You've found a server dedicated to the educational purposes of a business and marketing educator. This server is used for student learning and training for the classes that I teach at the secondary and post secondary levels.

Students use this server for practicing the following:

  • Site publishing
  • Structured Query Language
  • Establishing DSN (Datasource Names)
  • Integrating databases within web projects

Since you are here, enjoy these renditions of student assignments from other classes I teach:

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UFO Zap Adobe Flash® Assignment --

Here are a couple different student variations to the assignment. It's always more fun when they put their own personalities into it.

Disclaimer: No actual cows were harmed in the making of this animation.


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*Instructions: Click on the cows, one at a time


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*Instructions: Click any item you wish the fairies to zap


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"Let it Snow" Adobe Flash® Assignment --

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* Instructions: Before hitting play, turn your speakers on. Then...Dress the snowman!


This is a lesson written for Adobe Flash® Professional. If you would like the instructions for your class, here you go: Click here for instructions (a new window will open).

Disclaimer: This is an assignment I wrote a few years ago and it is written with instructions for ActionScript 2.0. Enjoy!

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